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Adam Stronge

Adam Stronge has been recording music since the tender age of 15. He has developed a wide pallet of sound over many years.

Acoustic Metal punk rock pop. With a pinch of hip hop rooted in folk country gansta rap.

Watch out 2019.


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Paul J McInnis

If he were alive 100 years ago, Paul J McInnis would have been found strumming on a street corner, singing his songs about roads, girls, and small towns. His closest friends would have been pickers, singers, poets and painters. He would have enjoyed a simple life surrounded by the things he loved. Today, 100 years later, not much is different. If you look for him, Paul can be found strumming on a street corner in some small town, singing songs about roads, girls, and the things he loves. He may slip into his local pub on the way home for a pint with some old friends. It`s a simple life.

Paul J McInnis’ music is his own. It is literate, joyful, melancholy, and timeless. He prefers to play in the moment; recording live off the floor with open mics and no overdubs. Mistakes happen, he’ll say, but so does magic. The resulting albums are collections of some of those magical mistakes, all written and arranged by Paul and performed beautifully with some of his closest friends on mandolin, harmonica, accordion, cello or whatever instrument is close by. It is what Paul believes music should be: simple and real.

Paul has seen North America through a windshield. During the years spent travelling with Juno nominated troubadour Craig Cardiff, the duo played every club, pub, and dive student bar they could find. Over the past decade, Paul has had the honour of opening for acts as diverse as Serena Ryder, Jim Cuddy and Big Sugar. Closer to his current home in rural Ontario, Paul has played countless small festivals both as a solo act and as a sought after sideman. As for his joyful and timeless songs, Paul has received accolades from legendary songwriters from here to Nashville.

What does the future hold? Paul would say the only thing we can expect is uncertainty. There is, however, one thing we can count on. Paul will keep playing, singing, and surrounding himself with the things he loves.

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Scott Wicken

Scott Wicken is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Waterloo, Ontario. With a background in spoken word/poetry, he has a strong sense of the lyric and following his words can lead you to unexpected places, emotional, intellectual and otherwise.

His songs are a mix of folk, punk, psychedelic rock, roots, reggae, ska, country, blues, beat poetry... translated into solo voice and fingerpicked acoustic guitar. He can switch from earnest to irreverent in a heartbeat. Live, he'll make you laugh, shed a tear, and squirm in your seat... all within the space of a 3 1/2 minute song.

As well, he is a member of City’N’Eastern, an acoustic trio which features accomplices and accomplished songwriters Brent Hagerman and Paul McInnis.



Skronkite is a band that focuses on one thing. Storytelling. Whether from the past, present, or future, this reality or another, Skronkite can and will sing of it, no matter how made up and unrealistic it seems.

Skronkite focuses on some other things, such as recording themselves playing instruments and writing words along to said recorded instruments, but that is pretty much it.

Skronkite does not fit into any musical genre ( which means they’re just alternative), and all they need for inspiration to write a song is literally any random event or phrase.

Listener discretion is advised.

Album coming soon.